Norwich French Church Charity

Educational grants for young people from Norwich
Grants for vulnerable older people in Norwich

St Mary The Less

The Norwich French Church Charity offers financial assistance to individuals and local charitable educational organisations to help the education and training of young people up to the age of 25 (unless in exceptional services) who are resident in Norwich. Priority is given to:

  • Those who are embarking on apprenticeships, college or undergraduate courses, or equivalent, where tools or equipment is needed. Whilst tertiary education programmes are not disregarded completely, they are considered very carefully to see whether they fit with the theme of an apprenticeship.
  • Those whose education or training is threatened by financial difficulty.
  • Those who can trace descent from Huguenot or Walloon families.

The Norwich French Church Charity also offers financial assistance to local charitable organisations who support older people in need within Norwich.  This is on behalf of The French Hospital, an alms house in Rochester, whom the Norwich French Church Charity has supported since 1839.

If you think that you, a member of your family, or an organisation you represent might qualify for help, please apply for funding. This can be done by completing the application form, or by contacting us for further information.

All applications are reviewed in April and September each year.