“The Norwich LADs Amateur Boxing Club took their boxers and boxers’ fathers to Liverpool for the weekend. Over the weekend the boys sparred at Salisbury Boxing Club and had the support of their fathers. For some of the families this was the only time spent together away from home. This trip gave them the opportunity to come together and share the experience and hopefully this will be a springboard for them to continue spending time together.”

Norwich LADs Amateur Boxing Club

“Over the year September 2017 to August 2018 we have continued to support young asylum seekers and refugees who are currently resident in Norwich. Our weekly youth group drop-in has an average weekly attendance of 30 young people and over the year our support and learning programme has been accessed by over 70 individuals. The Norwich French Church’s Grant was used primarily to run two ‘adventurous activity’ team work and confidence-building sessions. On behalf of the young people who are supported by Norwich International Youth Project, thank you for your support.”

Norwich International Youth Project

“I had such a wonderful time working at Philip Treacy and I learnt so much about millinery construction and about the wider fashion industry. From this and all the knowledge I have gained it has opened up the door for me of creating my own brand and specialising in millinery… I am thankful of [Norwich French Church Charity] to have supported me on this venture as I would have never have had the fantastic opportunity without your support which has now led to so much clarity for my future career and to securing a job for after university.”


“Currently many of our young people do not ‘fit the mould’ they are often described as challenging, ‘no hopers’. They feel they are marginalised and discriminated against, it’s up to each one of us to focus on their qualities and developing their social and economic capital. There appears to be a lack of moral accountability on the part of many and no incentive to, or deterrent to invest in young people who could be classed as difficult or challenging.
We are extremely grateful to the Norwich French Church Charity for their continued support in providing donations to allow us to purchase much needed resources that otherwise we may not be able to afford, supporting our Construction/Motor Mechanics/Catering and Hospitality and Hair and Beauty programmes…
Vocational training is essential for the less academic of many numbers of young people. The outcomes achieved by many of our young people allow them to make informed choices and go onto to excel and achieve worthwhile employment and become valuable members of the community.
Without support from Charities such as yours the future for these youngsters could potentially be very bleak.”

Lorraine Bliss MBE
St Edmunds Training Centre

“Our hair and beauty salon has been extended to include sinks, hairdressing area and a beauty room. This has now proven to be the second most popular course after construction. In fact, the course is full from September with a waiting list.
Our motorcycle workshop… We purchase used bikes… the students strip them down, build them up over and over again when training. In some cases, the bikes are of very good quality, we take them to MOT centres, get them tested and sell them on; this allows the students to continually work on different bikes… £450.00 [gave] us a very reasonable bike to work on.”

St Edmunds Society

“The support received from the Norwich French Church Charity over the last year provided for so much for the young people. We were able to give [two] brothers a laptop, which was very useful to them as they were now able to utilise their time at home working on their assignments and doing research. The laptop has enabled them to study in a safe environment, in their own time, without having the stress of going to the library to work and access material. It has also resulted in the brothers being able to stay for activities on Thursdays and Saturdays without having to worry about whether they would be able to finish their studies in time. They have been doing extremely well at College and the youngest brother is now studying to be an engineer at City College.”

Norwich International Youth Project

“The funding we received from the Norwich French Church Charity has supported us to undertake vital repairs to our equipment and enabled our volunteers to undertake outside broadcasting in the community…
It has helped our volunteers to improve their skills and develop new ones such as taking on the role of runners, interviewing live and ‘on the spot’ with guests, and many volunteers reported that they felt more confident in their broadcasting skills. It has also enabled our volunteers to be more creative with their ideas and shows and they are looking forward to interacting more with the local community and sharing their knowledge with them.”

Future Radio 107.8FM

“The funding [from Norwich French Church Charity] has enabled our pupils to attend the BASE extreme activity centre… Many of our pupils would be unable to benefit from activities such as the ones provided by the funding as they live in disadvantaged communities and low-income families… The trips have also helped to improve our pupils’ engagement, as their attitude to school has improved and it has helped to raise their aspirations. Taking part in new, different activities has helped to improve their confidence and self-esteem, communication skills, and team-building. The opportunity of ongoing, positive activities has really improved their engagement with education and enabled our pupils to feel better undertaking new opportunities. Our staff have also reported positive improvements in the pupils since attending the trips to the centre.”

Future Education